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Speciality Dining Minimum spend event


A comedy evening with excellent food, good wine and great company all topped off with a firework display is just one way to celebrate a special event with friends at Saltcote Place. These are only suggestions and others are welcome.

Fawlty towers Dining Invitation


Enjoy a three course meal served by Basil, Sybil & Manuel! With extra large portions of fun and lots of classic comedy sketches FAWLTY STYLE!
Basil, Sybil and Manuel, meet and greet their guests and serve them a hilarious 3–course dinner FAWLTY STYLE with comedy sketches performed throughout the meal.
A healthy portion of CHAOS AND MAYHEM is thrown in for good measure whilst the legends of hotel catering management do everything they can to keep the evening on course, of course!
Expect a BIG FUN NIGHT OUT in a friendly party atmosphere with some of the finest comedy actors in the land.
PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED to the highest standards and with your enjoyment always top of the menu.
A FAWLTLESS show that guarantees to reach the chuckle muscles you never knew you had!


Only Fools And 3 Courses Dinning Invitation – Friendly Party Atmosphere


Join us for the Dinner event of the year, which combines fine food and Comedy action, served up ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES style.
Marlene & Boycie are hosting a Gala Dinner, but will things go to plan with Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert (when I was in the war) on the guest list. Will Raquel put in an appearance and sing! Surely not after the last time?
An Evening of chaos and mayhem with an extra large portion of comedy is the order of the night.
Expect a big fun night out in a friendly party atmosphere with some of the finest comedy actors in the land, professionally produced to the highest standards with your enjoyment at the top of the menu.


Fay Presto


Always popular Fay is the magical entertainer with a flair that shines through, always popular at Saltcote Place being a popular choice with the "A list Guests".

You will be amazed and delighted with memories that will last a lifetime.