– Saltcote Place
Contact Saltcote Place Phone Number - by booking direct you save 15% usually charged by online agencies. Call 01797 222220
Contact Saltcote Place Phone Number
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Please call before visiting

Saltcote Place, Saltcote Lane,
Playden, Rye TN31 7NR, UK

Email: stay@saltcote.co.uk
Phone: 01797.222220
or we can call you back now Test Ring Me
We never see anyone without an appointment.

This Rye Bed and Breakfast is rather different. You will not find Children here unless you know them for example if you are attending a Wedding or Wedding Anniversary. We are focussed on looking after couples who want a quiet celebration with each other; we never mix Guests, our guests are either B&B guests or Weddings Guests.


A few days away at the right place can make all the difference. Saltcote Place works because our Guests arrive have plenty of space to relax, they know we have everything in place so they can relax and leave as friends.


Only by sharing your aspirations and our local knowledge can we help you to enjoy all that is available in the Rye Bay Area.


We never mix Weddings and Non Wedding Guests so your stay will always be as anticipate


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