Saltcote Girls - ROSA – Saltcote Place
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Saltcote Girls School – ROSA

Saltcote Place Girls school

Saltcote Place was a school three times, in 1922 as a Girls School, 1939 as Beulah House high school and latterly as part of Thomas Peacocke school.

Rye Old scholars association is a great place to start if you are trying to get in touch with former friends. See


We are in touch with a few of the ladies from the 1950’s some of whom we enjoyed hosting as guests.


Since purchasing Saltcote Place in 2003 we have had many former Saltcote Girls stay with us and celebrate with family and friends. If you want to arrange such a party please do get in touch here

We know quite a few of the ladies on here as well.


If you are planning a visit please do give us a call before arriving. We welcome more images of Saltcote Place when it was a Girls School.

Class of 1973 / 74
Rye 5 star Gold bed and breakfast

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