Where To Stay in Rye – Saltcote Place
Where To Stay in Rye depends on your plans. We specialise in looking after couples and not children.
Where To Stay in Rye
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About This Project

Where to stay in Rye
This depends on your intentions, a weekend away as a couple is totally different to taking children.

Let’s face it, other people’s children are annoying whilst your own of course are simply amazing. The reality is that if you want a relaxing weekend away then it’s going to be the two of you without children.

We focus on looking after mature couples who enjoy late champagne breakfasts and enjoy each others company.

Where To Stay in Rye without a car is made easy if you are intending to stay in the general area of the town. We have many excellent places to eat in Rye.

Where to eat in Rye. Restaurants in Rye range from a really good Italian which offers both vegan and fish dishes. We have two dedicated fish restaurants, two excellent places that focus on Burger style food and a lovely fusion restaurant.

Pubs in Rye are all friendly and within comfortable walking distance of Saltcote Place. The nearest pub to Saltcote Place also serves meals. The Kings Head in Rye is at the end of the drive, it is a flat level walk to the pub.


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Where to stay in Rye
Where To Stay in Rye