Access Statement

We do try where possible to accommodate disabilities

At Saltcote Place we will try hard to accommodate everyone however the design of the building may make it unattractive to some guests for which we apologise.

Distance from the car park to house
This is about 50 metres flat ground, entrance into home is via a 6 inch step, we do have an incredibly sturdy (heavy) steel ramp which can be used for wheelchair access. There is adequate lighting when needed.

Door width internally leading to accommodation (This does not apply to private receptions and celebrations)
The narrowest door is 22 inches wide which makes it impossible to get a wheelchair through.

Entrance and exit from Guest accommodation

Is via external stairs which are open plan, steps are 6 inches high, hand rails are provided and automatic lighting is available when needed.

Rother Valley
There is a step up to the WC of 6.5 inches and a thresh hold to be crossed to gain access to the large double shower where assisted showering is entirely possible you would need to provide your own seating.

Royal Military
The bedroom is opposite the Bathroom which has a slipper bath without handles and a hydro massage bath with an 8 inch step up into it and small seat built into the shower. A separate single room is available for a care person which is close enough that you can speak in a relaxed voice between rooms whilst enjoying privacy.

Hennessy Suite
This is a large apartment with plenty of space for a wheelchair and although primary access is initially through the internal staircase rising through three floors some 58 x 6 inch steps - subsequent entrance and exit during the visit is via the external staircase (which has 7 inch open plan steps with handrails to both sides) The internal staircase is too narrow to walk side by side though does have a hand rail on the left hand side going up. There is an internal lift which is not large enough to take a wheelchair but could accept a seat. The lift is not available 24 x 7 as it is in a private part of the house and should not be relied upon.

If attending an indoors function we have a ramp for access through the main portico all internal doors in the public area for a function are wide enough for a wheelchair though assistance could be required if exiting to the rear of the property onto the gardens. Floors are polished oak so can be slippery, if using a waling aid such as a cane then care is advised as is a rubber end cap.

Toilets when attending Functions in the house
We have a wide toilet which is usually more than adequate for disabled usage although there is not a hand bar as sometimes seen in public restrooms. There is certainly enough space for dignified use, the toilet is set at 19 inches almost 2 inches higher than usual to assist

Toilets when attending Functions in the grounds
Your hosts will provide a disabled friendly facility as per our instructions.


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