Quiet Rye Bed and Breakfast - Saltcote Place
The top rated Bed and Breakfast in Rye where Mums and Dads come first. Children under 14 are welcome to private functions.
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Discover Serenity at Our Child-Free Rye Bed and Breakfast: Enjoy Free Secure Parking and Bubbles at Breakfast

Quiet Rye Bed and Breakfast. We take pride in providing a child-free environment for our guests. However, we do make exceptions for private, exclusive use gatherings where children are warmly welcomed.

Our primary focus has always been on catering to the needs of adults, recognizing their need for a well-deserved break. We like to kickstart the day with a delightful “Bubbles at Breakfasts” experience, and as the day winds down, we offer complimentary nightcaps for a perfect night’s rest, ensuring tranquillity and relaxation.

At our quiet Rye bed and breakfast, the breakfast, service can start as early as 9am, and if you prefer a more leisurely start, arrangements can be made for it to begin as late as 10am. We can discuss this over a complimentary glass of wine upon arrival.

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Throughout the years, numerous guests have transitioned from the noise of the high street and Citadel and now choose Saltcote Place.

We offer ample secure off-road parking, extensive gardens, and a serene environment free from seagull calls, traffic commotion, or wedding festivities and late night revellers that may otherwise disrupt your stay.

The charm of Rye Citadel just a short walk away of around 700 yards, we value our returning guests who, in turn cherish the tranquillity we provide.

Our approach includes complimentary nightcaps to welcome you back in the evenings, free secure car parking and extensive gardens to relax in.

Tales of Seagulls tapping on bedroom windows in Rye Citadel to be fed sound like fun until it’s your hope of a lay in. Even the seagulls know not to disturb you when you stay at Saltcote Place.

Always book direct with us for the best prices.