Quiet Rye Bed and Breakfast – Saltcote Place
The top rated Bed and Breakfast in Rye where Mums and Dads come first. Alas no children under the age of 14 unless it's a private function when they are welcome.
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A Quiet Rye Bed and Breakfast without children and plenty of space to relax?

We are pleased to say that we are a child free venue. We make exceptions if you are planning a private exclusive use gathering when of course they are welcome.

Our primary focus has always been to look after adults, as they need special time out as well. We always try and start the day with “Bubbles at breakfasts”, a good lay in and plenty of peace and quiet.

Breakfasts at our bed and breakfast in Rye do not even start before 9am and could if you prefer start as late as 10am by arrangement. We can discuss this when you are enjoying a complimentary glass of wine on arrival.

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Over the years our Guests have tended to migrate to us from the Hotels in Rye with whom we enjoy good relations. Many of those who used to frequent the George in Rye now head for Saltcote Place which is not a hotel.

Our approach includes complimentary nightcaps to welcome you back in the evenings, free secure car parking and extensive gardens to relax in.

Tales of Seagulls tapping on bedroom windows in Rye Citadel to be fed sound like fun until it’s your hope of a lay in. Even the seagulls know not to disturb you when you stay at Saltcote Place.

Always book direct with us for the best prices.