Divorce Party - Saltcote Place
Divorce Party Venue in Rye Sussex with 5 star accommodation with parking and only 700 yards from Rye High street with secure parking.
Divorce Party Venue
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Divorce Party

Divorce Party

Planning a Divorce Party

Divorce Party Planning

A Divorce Party is a real thing, I do, I did, I’m Done.

Embrace your new freedom and celebrate the new chapter before you. We have even hosted celebrations with the former partners.

Now wiser and happier why would you not want to get out there and Celebrate to make up for lost time?

You don’t need an excuse to get family and friends together just a date in the diary, the longer you leave it the harder it becomes.

In Holland a divorce is far less likely to be adversarial, in fact it’s often very amicable as the separation is achieved by mutual agreement. In the UK one resource we have found to be very interesting and informative is https://bestwaytodivorce.com/about/

We all know a friend who has been through a breakup, now is not the time to feel sad, it’s a time to celebrate!

Give us a call and we will help you arrange a few fun filled days to reset the agenda. We will make you look like a superstar, from arranging great places to eat and drink, wine tours, private showings in a bespoke cinema, horse riding or watching the seals bask. Let’s talk and get the show on the road.

Divorce Party


Divorce Party

Have some fun with the playlist below, keep it light and let us know what music you would add to the playlist.