Royal Military Suite - Saltcote Place
Royal Military Suite Rye guest accommodation 5 star rated. Enjoy the convenience of free secure parking and a private entrance.
Free parking, Secure parking, Rye guest accommodation, 5 star rated, Private entrance
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Royal Military Suite

Royal Military Bedroom Saltcote Place Rye Bed and Breakfast

Quiet Hotels near Rye with parking, that would be Saltcote Place where you will experience tranquillity and comfort in our spacious royal military suite.


An adjacent room featuring 2 bunk beds can also be available. We have plenty of secure parking here.


This suite is a favourite among our guests. The well equipped bathroom offers both a relaxing bath and an invigorating shower, ensuring a warm and refreshing start to your day with excellent water pressure.


Our convenient location places us Just 700 yards from the charm of Rye high street, and within half that distance, you will find two really popular pubs serving delicious food.

At Saltcote Place, we take pride in offering traditional unobtrusive hospitality for couples. If you’re celebrating a special event such as your wedding anniversary, we have some special ideas for you here Read More

If you’re planning a short break or a short holiday and seeking enjoyable and relaxing days, explore some suggestions here

We are eager to chat with you and ensure we provide you with the best possible experience. Remember, booking directly means you also get the best rates available.

Before you arrive let’s have a chat so we understand the purpose of your visit, if it’s an important occasion to you then we will make sure it’s memorable.

Royal Military Bedroom Saltcote Place Rye Bed and Breakfast
Rye 5 star Gold bed and breakfast Saltcote Place

This suite is nearly three times larger than the adjacent Rother Valley suite.

The quite is totally self contained, with two bedrooms if needed. All doors have euro locks. When taken as part of a double suite with the Rother Valley it works really well for family and friends as each suite has it’s own privacy and can easily be made to feel as though you were in a larger apartment.

The Royal Military suite offers sweeping views over the Romney Marshes and gardens, with the distant sight of the white cliffs of Dover and Folkestone.

The bathroom features two radiators, a double-ended bath, and an easy-to-use corner shower with both an overhead rain shower and a separate handheld option.

You have your own entrance to ensure you may come and go as you please.

Rye 5 star Gold bed and breakfast

A popular suite with a comfortable bathroom

The canopy over the bath always brings a smile and the corner shower equipped with large rain shower and handheld shower is a pleasure to use, whichever you prefer we hope to get your day off to a great start.

The bathroom has a double radiator as well as a heated towel rail and two mats on the floor.

Set between the two bedrooms in this suite the bathroom offers both convenience and privacy.

This bright suite features 5 chandeliers, complimentary WiFi, large flat screen TV with Freeview and USB slot for your Firestick or other TV Dongle such as Sky.

One of the most frequent comments about this suite is how quiet it is and how close we are to Rye.

Rye 5 star Gold bed and breakfast
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Royal Military Suite