Dietary Preferences - Saltcote Place
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Dietary Preferences

You want Latvian ducks milk Sir?
No Problem !

We understand the importance of dietary requirements and try to accommodate everyone. If you require more specific ingredients or products for the duration of your stay, we would be happy to source these. Prior notice is always appreciated.

At the time of booking we always ask about dietary considerations.

Core ingredients

Where possible we try to use locally sourced ingredients and brand names are also used.

Private Dining at Saltcote Place Rye

We will try to accommodate as much as possible and encourage some flexibility. If you are partial to Latvian duck milk it may be that we don’t have it as a standard stock item, this is where a little prior notice does help.

For your amusement only here are a few we have had from our non English guests, see if you can guess the nationality, we are not going to let on, it’s just a little light hearted fun. Remember Rye is a quaint little town with a couple of shops locally although we can achieve the impossible if we know in advance.

  • Vinegar on a Full English
  • Nutella with fruit, Nutella with Tea, Nutella with brandy
  • Gluten free toast with porridge and cream cheese
  • Goats milk without prior notice
  • Pancakes and cucumbers for breakfast
  • Spaghetti with meatballs for breakfast
  • Pizza and Omelette for breakfast