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Cancellation Policy

Rye Bed and Breakfast

Our Cancellation Policy

When you book we will ask you for a credit card / debit card number and expiry date to secure the booking. We reserve the option of charging one £1 to the card to prove it is a valid card. The balance will be charged in the event of a cancellation or when you check out. We do not accept American Express on account of the excessive fees they charge.

In the event of a “lockdown” being announced or sickness that prevents travel then your reservation will be converted to a Voucher to use at a later date subject to all parties being in good health. Our CoronaVirus risk assessment is here

Short Breaks under 4 days

We will accept your cancellation without penalty up to a week before your arrival date in December to February and 2 weeks at other times or the first night is charged if less than 2 weeks and more than 1 weeks notice. Cancel within 7 days and the full cost of stay is billable.

Breaks of more than 4 days

Due to the amount of time we need to book out of the diary, we will accept your cancellation without penalty up to 2 weeks before your arrival in December to February and 5 weeks at other times or 100% if less than a week before the intended booking with medical evidence to support a Covid isolation requirement. Moving the date of your stay outside of the cancellation period and then cancelling will also cause the cancellation fee to be due. At the end of the day we only want to be reasonable and will always engage and discuss specific concerns.

Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 Months from the date of purchase unless otherwise agreed in writing.  Covid and cancellations ;- if you cancel within 3 days of arrival it will be treated as a no show so the entire amount is forfeit, cancellations within 7 days the first night is forfeit. 50% of a Voucher is non refundable at all times UNLESS YOU PROVIDE EVIDENCE THE CANCELLATION WAS COVID RELATED which would be treated with respect.

Moving the Reservation Date to another date and then cancelling will still cause the original cancellation terms to apply.

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Wedding Venues in East Sussex
Stacey and Rob on their Wedding day at this intimate small wedding venue

Accommodation for a Wedding

The block reservation of accommodation for a wedding is covered by the terms for a wedding at Saltcote Place; as such there is no cancellation policy as you have purchased the option to use the accommodation if you are attending a wedding. Any deposits offered or collected or due will be applied to the cost of the cost of the Wedding – any refunds are due from the person/Couple who made the reservation for the Wedding. It is for this reason we strongly urge all couples getting married to obtain Weddings insurance.

What if you have to cancel?

In the event you cancel your booking inside the cancellation period we will attempt to fill your room If your room cannot be filled. We will debit your card with the cost of your stay and refund any nights that we are able to let your suite.

We prefer a Roll-over to a now show fee so please give us a call if there is a problem so we can all make alternative arrangements.

Rest assured it is our intention to let your re-suite but you may be able to take a roll-over, by prior agreement for a later equivalent stay.

A roll-over is applicable to a two night or longer break, it is not available on a one night break without a 50% reduction. The roll-over allows for one of the days to be rolled over to November December January or February when used as part of a two night break. As an example a midweek two night break could roll over one night to be used as part of a two night break off season. It could not be used for August Bank holiday Saturday or other peak season or special date in the year such as Christmas, New Year, Mothers day or Valentines day etc.

Wedding Marquee Venue Saltcote Place Rye

Call Recording

All calls are recorded to protect both parties.

Young People

We are unable to accommodate children under 14 years of age UNLESS they are attending an exclusive use event such as a Wedding or Wedding Anniversary or same family group. The minimum number of guests staying in the house for an exclusive use event is 12 adults over the age of 18.

Damage and Smoking ( applies to incense burners as well)

With regard to any damage caused or loss of amenity (matching items need to remain matching) and if applicable any loss of revenue if a suite is not able to be let or a deep clean is required then you irrevocably authorise payment in full without retention. Failure to pay We charge 8% above the reference rate for late payments.

Third party fees

In the event of a debt collection agency being instructed then Third party fees will be recoverable in addition to charges for late payments.

Lost or damaged keys and fobs

Eurolocks will need to be replaced and remote fobs for the gates will need to be replaced, the cost of these will be charged at £40

Check in is from 2pm on the day and up to 20:00 hrs that evening, failure to show up or to contact us by 20:00 will be taken as a cancellation and the cancellation policy will be applied. If you want an early check in please call to arrange this, inevitably we will be turning down suites from previous visitors so it is not often possible.

Because it has happened in the past we should mention that if you want to drop off your car or bags early please arrange this at the time of making a reservation, there may be a small charge to cover the disruption of £30. We will need to know what time you will be returning to properly register. We will ensure you know how to then pick up your keys and when to register as we also need to make our own plans for the day.

All Accommodation

At certain times of the year (usually from March to November) we operate a minimum of two night stay if it involves a Friday or a Saturday night. We can only do a one night stay from Sunday to Thursday. booking for two nights of a weekend and staying for one will be treated as a cancellation of a two night booking.

Special Offers

Special offers are available on the terms of the specific offer. Offers cannot be combined and can only be used within the season they were offered. A Winter offer cannot be applied or carried over to the Summer or spring unless specifically agreed in writing and will be subject to availability.

We suggest you consider cancellation insurance

Filming or the use of Saltcote as a “Location” for a shoot” please see

Wedding Marquee Venue Saltcote Place Rye
Royal Military Bedroom Saltcote Place Rye Bed and Breakfast
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Wedding Marquee Venue Saltcote Place Rye