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Celebration of Life is also known as a Living Funeral where family and friends gather to Celebrate the life of someone special.
Celebration of Life, Living Funeral, Family Gathering
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Celebration of Life

Also called “A Living Funeral” is a good reason to host a gathering

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Death remains the No1 killer in the UK, Sounds obvious, but many people still think it’s not going to happen to them, that’s an overly optimistic approach to living.

A Celebration of Life is arranged while the person who has a sense their time with us is shorter than would have been preferred, is still alive.

Consequently, they are able to plan and influence the celebration so it becomes a sincere way of saying thank you for being amazing, for being an awesome person and on occasions to say a fond farewell. Think of this as you would a Birthday in reverse.

Quiet Rye Bed and Breakfast
Celebration of life

There will be Weddings, Birthdays, and Christmas gatherings to follow, the first grandchild or perhaps a graduation where someone is missing. There are ways to convey heartfelt messages that transcend physical time, some easier than others. We are happy to provide the space to help build bridges and help take down walls to ensure every nest is left tidier.

The Celebration of Life is loving way to ensure the ones who are left behind are not left in a position of isolation as often happens, friends can make sure the support is going to be there.

Living funerals or end of life celebrations are gathering in popularity and allow family and friends to celebrate a much loved person to thank or pay tribute to those they wish to acknowledge and maybe have a good party as well.

A Celebration of Life is given for a person whilst they are still living. This kind of “celebration of life” has a few advantages, especially when it’s known the person will soon depart as a result of a terminal illness.

From a practical perspective Living funerals are arranged to fit the time or needs of the family members and friends, most importantly the time of the deceased-apparent.

Family members and friends will be able to arrange to attend this pre-arranged living funeral, this way no one will be caught unprepared.

Whilst the actual funeral is a respectful and somber process, the Living funeral is an opportunity to celebrate their life and their loved ones with sincerity and passion.

A living funeral gives everyone (not just close family) a chance to say intimate heartfelt goodbyes, and offer thoughtful comment for everyone. Some people invite a humanist Celebrant, others call on an official Celebrant, we can help with both options.

Living funerals can be a social event and a happy time where the deceased-apparent can acknowledge and thank family, special friends and associates.

Whilst this practice is not common, regrets at not having said what was intended are all too common.

The “Celebration of Life” ensures there are no embarrassing silent voids that lasts for weeks or months after the funeral. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable and neglect to call on the remaining spouse or cannot face the children thus compounding the loss.

With our friends and families we often hear “we only ever seem to meet at Weddings and funerals”, or “we really must not leave it so long next time”, living Funerals offer the opportunity to break the cycle and make a difference in your family, some people do it every few years as an excuse for a family gathering and simply do not tell the guests why, it’s almost like an insurance policy.

It matters not whether you choose a Marquee and re-do your vows, a classical pianist, a harpist, group or solo singer. As long as we create an atmosphere that allows quality time together nothing else is important.

Note to the Media – with respect the answer is No – we will not breach a trust – this is always private.

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