Wedding Anniversary Ideas - Saltcote Place
Wedding Anniversary ideas start with making the time & effort, we help with the venue and ideas, you get the praise Let's talk
Wedding Anniversary Ideas,
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Your Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary ideas Saltcote Place Rye

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Whether you prefer a cozy and intimate affair or a grand and magnificent celebration, we’re here to ensure your vision comes to life exactly as you envision it. Best of all, we tailor every aspect to reflect your unique preferences. Let us craft a truly unforgettable Wedding Anniversary experience for you and your cherished guests.

Check out our rave reviews on TripAdvisor to witness the success of our events. Instead of a traditional meal for two, why not gather a few friends and family members to arrange something truly extraordinary?  See TripAdvisor Here

Our aim is to curate a completely personalized experience. For exclusive bookings, we only require a minimum of three couples, though we can accommodate up to six couples. Typically, these days guests cover their own accommodation expenses for these occasions. We collaborate closely with you to ensure everyone enjoys the ultimate experience.”

Wedding Anniversary ideas Saltcote Place Rye
50th_Wedding_Anniversary Wedding Anniversary ideas Saltcote Place Rye

Happy to help with ideas

In house catering, flowers, entertainment or anything else you require.

We will work with you to ensure your Celebration is just what you want.

  • Re-pledge your Vows
  • Private dining for up to 150 close friends
  • Light show with drones and lasers
  • Musical evenings with our Bechstein Piano
  • Vineyard tours

Read more about Wedding Anniversaries here

Arrange a Surprise Party

The Gift of time

Your Celebration can be small and intimate, with or without children and above all very personal.

  • Invite your original Wedding Guests
  • Intimate private dining for you and special friends
  • Go crazy and invite up to 150 guests to a Marquee
  • Stay for a few days with friends and family

Our catering team can prepare something really special or of course you could arrange a treat in a local restaurant.

Start planning your next wedding anniversary here

Arrange a Surprise Party
Wedding Anniversary ideas Saltcote Place Rye
Wedding Anniversary
Vow Renewals
Significant Celebration
Significant Celebration
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Celebration of life
Celebration of life
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