History - Saltcote Place
History of Saltcote Place since 1903, three times a school, twice a private home and never looking so good before the fire of 2017 now fully restored.
History of Saltcote Place Rye
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History of Saltcote Place

History of Saltcote Place

Saltcote Place started life as a Wedding present, for many young couples a toaster is far more likely to be the main present.

Designed by the influential architect Sir Reginald Blomfield in the Queen Anne style. The French side of this famous family funded the development for Captain AAR Hennessy and his young bride.

The house was completed in 1905 having taken over two years to build and came with 18.5 acres of grounds. The yield from the fruit and vegetables was enough to run the house and pay for the staff who lived on the estate.

It took us over 4 years to renovate the house when we purchased in 2003. As a Rye Country mansion, Saltcote Place has enjoyed a colourful past.

Above the portico leading into the vestibule we have the Royal Cypher of the late Queen Mother, perhaps in recognition of happy times spent here with the Hennessy family between the Wars.

Because of the heritage, we named the Bridal suite on the first floor “The Hennessy suite” which is occasionally available as part of an elegant bridal suite.

The Hennessy suite is ideal for a family gathering or Wedding party. The suite is not available to book online and is available on a discretionary basis.

History of Saltcote Place
Hennessy Bridal Suite Rye

The Hennessy suite is not available all year around, it is only available for a maximum of 89 days in any year.

Used as a Military headquarters, a nursing home and three times as a School the first being in 1922 Saltcote returned to private ownership in 2003 for the first time since 1920. Now fully restored parts of Saltcote are available to be enjoyed by visitors who we hope will enjoy the space as part of their visit to Rye.

Captain Hennessy referred to Saltcote as his “white elephant” not because he disliked the house but due to the fact he had other homes in Norfolk and London.

In later years his life revolved more around London, the main residence being in Eaton Square.

Eventually selling for £8,000 at auction in July 1939 at the George Hotel the Estate was sold in many parts – the fields to the north west becoming Mill Place Estate now known as Mill Road.

Saltcote affords splendid views from the garden; the secure location lets you relax and with plenty of free parking and only 7 to 8 minutes walk to the town center.

Over the years many former school girls return for significant wedding anniversaries. If you have images from the time when Saltcote Place was a Girls school we would enjoy seeing them and perhaps including them here https://saltcote.co.uk/saltcote-girls-rosa/

Family Private Dining in Rye

Private Functions

Hosting private functions remains an enjoyable part of our year, our catering team will prepare your selected menu and wines, we do not have “packages” so every event here is unique.

Great Views

Outstanding views ranging from Dover to Fairlight over Romney marsh toward Camber beach and the English channel. The harbour is clearly visible and of course panoramic views of Rye bay. From the penthouse looking at the horizon you have uninterrupted panoramic views of at least 50 miles of land and sea views.

Stacey and Rob on their Wedding day at this intimate small wedding venue

Weddings at Saltcote Place

As a sought after Sussex wedding venue we specialise in the smaller intimate Ceremony and receptions. We never mix Weddings with Guests so if you see a Wedding here you will certainly have been invited by them.

Our Rye Bed and Breakfast or Rye B&B is probably one of the best places to stay in Rye. We had two coveted 5 star Gold awards giving one up when we decided we no longer wanted to offer traditional “Self Catering”.

We have retained our 5 star gold award for Guest accommodation every year since 2008 and have been first in England and 3rd in the World on TripAdvisor.

Rye Bed and Breakfast

Fire at Saltcote

On April the 20th 2017 at 4pm our lives changed with the fire that was to impact us heavily for the next 18 months.

Our renovations are now complete, we look forward to sharing the house with you, we have retained the classical feeling and have new features such as the French doors that now lead the main rear lawns.

Rye Bed and Breakfast

Let us know how we can make your visit special.

    Visit England 5star gold award Saltcote Place Rye
    Saltcote Place TripAdvisor Hall of Fame 2015
    Saltcote Place Visit England Rose Award