Where to land helicopter Rye East Sussex - Saltcote Place
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Helicopter Landing facility in Rye East Sussex

Helicopter Landing Rye

Located in a secure Country mansion set back from the cliff top overlooking Rye and Romney marsh within sight of Rye Golf club at 50.959558, 0.737618

This is the Main lawn with the preferred landing location shown with a white cross.

The standard approach is from the South passing over Rye Tennis Club to land in the centre of the main lawn.


Please do not fly over the formal flower beds at the rear of the property.

Be advised the site requires a Class A landing (vertical) with fee paying passengers.

If you are staying with us for two nights then it’s free to park, if you are not staying with us the fee is £100 per landing to cover our time.

Please use the main lawn unless otherwise directed and do not fly over the formal rose gardens between the house and the cliff.

Helicopter Landing Rye