Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality - Saltcote Place
Artificial intelligence in Hospitality at Saltcote Place our AI chat bot should enhance your experience so you can ask questions at anytime
Artificial intelligence in Hospitality,
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Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality

Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality

Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality

Artificial intelligence in hospitality should complement rather than hinder the Guest experience, ensuring value addition to products or services.

To streamline guest experience, we introduced an AI Chatbot. Guests can effortlessly access it on any page, sparing them the need to navigate the entire website. Developed on Botpress, an independent platform, our chatbot therefore remains free from major corporate influence and there is no advertising either at the moment or planned for the future.

This tool adapts and refines responses over time, honing in on natural language cues like ‘How’, ‘What’, ‘Where’, or a question mark.

  • How far is Rye High street
  • Can I have the local taxi numbers
  • What is the phone number of Simply Italian
  • What is the number for Landgate Bistro
  • Tell me about Rother Valley
  • What time is checkin or checkout
  • Fresh towels?
  • Parking?
  • Smart home?
  • Is there Wifi?
  • Tell me about your Accommodation
  • Breakfast Menu?
  • Disabled access?
  • Dietary preferences?
  • Can you help with vineyard tours?

Over time the bot will be used to provide direct links to book with us although we actually enjoy taking the calls where we work with the Guest to help with the itinerary although it is possible the AIBot could potentially also assist with this once it has asked qualifying questions such as physical abilities, budget and time.

If modern technology is of interest the article on smart home solutions at Saltcote Place may be of interest see

We are always interested in improving the Guest experience so any feedback is warmly invited to