Bed and Breakfast in Rye – The Breakfast - Saltcote Place
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Hotels in Rye Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in Rye – The Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in Rye

Bed and Breakfast in Rye is always popular at Saltcote Place where we strive to present the breakfast you enjoy but don’t have the time to make yourselves.
Rye b&b in Rye FruitAlan takes the lead in the kitchen and is responsible for all things you enjoy. Paul is not allowed in the kitchen other than for menial tasks under constant supervision.

Our breakfasts start with a selection of fruit presented in a number of ways depending on which fruit is locally available.

After the fruit you will enjoy your selected main course. Full English breakfast is always popular at Saltcote Place. We use locally sourced produce where possible.

Bubbles* for breakfasts have become the norm as most of our Guests are Celebrating something important and usually it’s each other.

Generally our Guests are couples who may well have children (at home) who have arranged for some “me time”. This means you will not find other people’s children staying here unless you were hosting or attending a private function. We only ever allow children over 14 and then only when all guests are part of the same group.

Fun Breakfasts

One morning a guest casually asked about the small coloured crystal glasses in the display cabinet. The reply came back; “they are for pink gin”. After sampling pink gin, pink vodka and a performance of the last post on a cornet!

Breakfast concluded around 1pm, whilst not your average these guests have all returned many times and refer to themselves as “Repeat offenders”.

A typical breakfast will be for two or three couples.  A Family style Rye b&bfriendly table and the Bubbles ensures it’s a fun lively breakfast.

At Saltcote Place we are a Rye Bed and Breakfast and different to a Hotel in Rye.  Fresh breakfasts are made to order and not stored under a warmer for the past hour.

Alan will prepare everything freshly to ensure it’s ready for you at the time you indicated.

Dietary preferences

Gluten free benefits are understood by us as Alan is Gluten  intolerant. We totally get Vegan and Vegetarian preferences, and understand there are many dietary preferences. It’s our pleasure to look after all dietary considerations, all we ask is a little prior notice.

Yaks milk is difficult to find although Peruvian hand reared ducks eggs are easier to locate. Where possible some prior notice is going to make all the difference to your breakfast experience and we always enjoy a chat before arrival. We list dietary preferences here

Always book direct using the link above as it’s at least 10% less than booking through an online agency. You can always leave a message for us here

*Bubbles could be Champagne, or Cava, the only difference is the origin is either Spain for France, it’s the spirit that counts 😉