Bed And Breakfast Rye - Saltcote Place
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Bed And Breakfast Rye

Bed And Breakfast Rye




Fancy a short child free break in Rye with late breakfast & bubbles? Come and stay at Saltcote Place in Rye for a couple of nights.

As an adult only destination for Bed And Breakfast you are assured of having very relaxed short break with late breakfasts that could start as late as 10am.

Each evening when you return complementary nightcaps await you, with ice or on the rocks, it’s a nice way to round off your day. 

Parking at Saltcote Place is free and within our gated grounds which makes your stay a lot easier. 

Booking directly with us will remove the online commissions charged by the online agencies, it’s a saving worth having as you can have a great meal in one of our top restaurants for the saving.

A few days away can get you ready for a stressful time and help you recover from all that life throws at you.