Book Direct - Saltcote Place
Book direct accommodation in Rye and save at least 10% to 22% by avoiding the online booking agencies.
Book Direct, best priced accommodation in Rye,
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Why Booking direct makes sense

Online prices generally include the 15% commission we have to pay the booking agency. You will never get a better price than by calling us directly.

When you call us directly on 01797 222220 we can discuss your preferences and understand the reasons behind your booking and therefore help you have the best time possible in Rye.

When you book through an agency they will typically prevent us from sending you anything with a link in it. This means we cannot send you links to the local restaurants we know you will enjoy or great things to see and do in the area.

When you book directly we will remove the agency fees and the experience is better for you.

We appreciate that agencies have their place however it’s our preference to make your visit as perfect as possible.

None of the hotels in Rye have the extensive gardens with great views and few have the parking facilities especially for the cars you would prefer not to leave on main roads.

Within an 8 minutes walk or around 700 yards we have some great places to eat in Rye. We can help you with these when you call to make a reservation.