Child free Rye Accommodation - Saltcote Place
child free accommodation in Rye is nice and quiet and calm, it's all about grown ups at this popular Rye Bed and Breakfast. Call us for the best rates 01797 222220
child free accommodation in Rye, Child free Rye,
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Child free Rye Accommodation

Rye Accommodation child free

Child free Rye Accommodation

Child free Rye Accommodation, that’s correct. If you have been to Rye you know how popular it can be, at Saltcote Place we specialise in looking after adults to ensure you have the relaxing time you deserve. 

Don’t get us wrong your own children are angels, it’s other people’s children that can be the problem, if you want children with you then bring your family by all means. An exclusive family reunion is great fun.

NO matter how you present the idea away with other peoples children I always find it more interesting to pull out my eyelashes and and fill my ears with jam, although walking on broken glass came a close second.

We don’t even start breakfast until 9am and that’s going to have champagne on the table with our compliments. Other Rye accommodation will have the little angels screaming the place down if they’ve not been given their ready brecky by 7am.

If you are arranging a private function like a wedding here then of course bring your children but never forget about how much they love their grandparents,

There are so many great ideas for entertaining Children for example a camping trip or just being fed junk food and playing with their toys until you return from a really quiet stay in your chosen Rye accommodation which we think could be Saltcote Place in Rye.

When you stay at Saltcote Place your Breakfast may start as late as 10am. You can treat the children when you get home but it’s all about you for a couple of days so enjoy it.

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