Electric Vehicle Charging in Rye - Saltcote Place
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Electric Vehicle Charging in Rye

Electric Vehicle Charging in Rye





Electric Vehicle Charging in Rye is possible whilst staying at Saltcote Place in Rye. Although at the time of writing January 2023 it’s a 13amp supply this is being reviewed as more guests arrive with the need.

We charge for usage assuming your vehicle is at 20% and requires an 80% charge. Sorry it’s not a precise science however we do not have a metered supply but lots of good intent.

There are local charging points with a lot more power, we have two in Rye and a few in Tenterden.

We will provide the 13amp socket and assume you have any cables required to connect to your vehicle. Please contact us prior to arrival so we can be prepared for your arrival https://saltcote.co.uk/contact/