Places to stay in Rye - Saltcote Place
Places to stay in Rye include Rye Hotels and Rye Guest houses. Saltcote Place is a very quiet country mansion located about 8 minutes walk from the town.
Places to stay in Rye, Rye B&B, Rye BnB,
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Pampered short break in Rye

We will work with you to suggest the most pampered short break

Rye Retreat Pampered breaks

Saltcote Place is a 5 star gold rated venue, many of our Guests have become “repeat offenders” a term we use with love and respect as they come here year after year for the personalised service and relaxed atmosphere.

After the top place to stay in Rye you may want to consider a well run professional Rye Bed and Breakfast of which there are many all listed on the town website

After Rye Bed and Breakfasts there are other properties referred to as Rye Guest Accommodation and of course Rye Hotels.

Hotels in Rye generally have very limited parking and often not on site, remember that Rye Sussex is a medieval town and the roads are narrow, property prices are therefore at a premium and a large car park in the centre of town would not be economical for many or the Rye Hotels.

Of the Rye Hotels none rank higher than 4 star. Saltcote Place is the only property large enough to compete with the Hotels in Rye however we have resisted the temptation to trade as a hotel in Rye and remain a private residence with guest facilities in Rye.

Rye 5 star bed and breakfast Christmas

Rye hotels have enjoyed a remarkably good following, since the 1400’s great hotels such as the Mermaid Inn on Mermaid Street have seen many generations of families attend from all over the World.

The Hope Anchor Hotel in Rye literally takes the name from the “Hope Anchor” which was the last sacrificial anchor sailors would throw overboard to prevent a grounding.

The Hope Anchor would never and was never intended to be recovered. Today you will see two Hope Anchors on “the strand” one outside the Heritage centre the other outside the most popular places to eat in Rye “Simply Italian”.

Simply Italian has been the number one place to eat in Rye for about 15 years. Great prices and exceptionally friendly service and fantastic food are just a few of the reasons why any visit to Rye should include a meal at Simply Italian.

Rye 5 star Gold bed and breakfast Saltcote Place
Rye 5 star Gold bed and breakfast

You know it’s going to be great when it needs to be booked weeks in advance and the waiting list is mainly repeat visitors who live locally.

Our Friends at the Rye Retreat really know how to look after our Guests.

Body treatments, Body Polish, Facials, Massage, Bronzing Treatments, Air Brush Tan and a great massage and haircut.