Places to Stay in Rye - Saltcote Place
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Saltcote Place Saltcote Lane Rye

Places to Stay in Rye

Places to Stay in Rye vary from Rye Hotels to Bed and Breakfasts and the dreaded AirBnB that have done so much harm to the high streets and housing stock in the UK.

Saltcote Place is 700 yards from the high street and specialise in looking after mature adults who enjoy peace and quiet.

In the past a Bed and Breakfast in Rye would be just that. Someone had a spare bedroom and you climbed over them and the dog to gain access to the bedroom. 

Fortunately those days have gone however some places to stay in Rye are still keen to offer the basics. Naturally every hotel claims to be boutique whatever that means. 

Places to stay in Rye range from Hotels in Rye who specialise in skilfully processing lots of guests consistently. Some Places to stay in Rye specialise in the basis.

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Saltcote Place is one of the top places to stay in Rye. We offer way more than the basics as we are 5 star gold standard as awarded by Visit England.

The results can be seen on the popular review sites. TripAdvisor is the World’s largest and Saltcote Place have been Number 1 since shortly after TripAdvisor started.