Rye Hotels Sussex – Saltcote Place
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Rye Hotels Sussex

Rye Hotels Sussex

Rye is a medieval town, one of the original Cinque Ports, as such parking in the citadel is at a premium.

Saltcote Place is not a Rye Hotel although offer 5 star accommodation with secure parking Call us 01797 222220

The easiest parking is to be found a couple of minutes walk from the high street at Saltcote Place where guests have long been able to enjoy the unhurried pace.

As a courtesy to other Hotels in Rye Sussex we are listing them below.

The Mermaid Hotel is a popular choice for the overseas visitor seeking to soak in the atmosphere of this modern building. “Modern” !! This lovely building was rebuilt in 1420. The Mermaid Inn is one of the oldest original buildings in Rye. You need to visit if you are looking for lovely accommodation and to eat where is it likely Shakespeare himself may well have enjoyed the occasional tipple.

This is probably one of the prettiest hotels in Rye. The Mermaid hotel in Rye retains many original features. This lovely hotel has for a long time welcomed many happy returning visitors.

This hotel in Rye has plenty of parking onsite and is less than a minutes walk to the high street. The Mermaid hotel offers fine dining, room service and a thoroughly professional guest experience.

Weddings at the Mermaid Hotel are intimate and personal, the owners are always present and offer useful tips to ensure your Wedding in Rye is everything you desire.

The Hope Anchor Hotel in Rye is set at the end of Watchbell street. TheHotel offers outstanding views across the Romney marsh and toward WInchelsea and Camber Castle. Occasionally the Hope Anchor in Rye is incorrectly referred to as the Hope and Anchor Hotel in Rye. To explain the name it helps to remember that Rye is a Cinque Port town, being coastal ships could sometimes find themselves in difficulty and may need to throw an Anchor. If the Anchor failed then the remaining last “Hope” would be the “Hope Anchor”. The Hope Anchor is so large it would never be pulled back up, it only had one job to do. There are two “Hope Anchors” on the strand in Rye.

The Hope Anchor is privately owned and well run. There is an excellent restaurant in the Hotel in Rye as well as an intimate bar serving local ales and wines.

The rooms at the Hope Anchor Hotel in Rye are all bespoke and individually arranged. Room service is available and you can park outside the hotel with ease most days.

Walking from the Hope Anchor Hotel in Rye to the high street will take around 3 minutes and to the nearest restaurant perhaps two minutes. The roadway around the Hope Anchor Hotel in Rye is cobbles and the footpaths are sandstone.

The River Haven Hotel in Rye Sussex is a 26 bedroom privately run three star hotel with a restaurant. Located on the Winchelsea road and looking toward Rye.

There is plenty of parking at the River Haven Hotel in Rye. The style of the hotel is not unlike a travel lodge, as such it offers value for money.

The Regent Motel in Rye is not strictly a Hotel. The Regent offers a good product and has a bar in the reception area and is inexpensive.

The George in Rye or The George Hotel in Rye is on the high street. The George Hotel has an excellent bar and restaurant. There is no onsite parking. A public car park is only a couple of minutes away to the rear of Cinque Ports street. The Car park is used on Thursdays by the market when it is closed to the public.

The George Hotel in Rye Sussex offers Weddings and has a banqueting hall able to seat 120 wedding guests. Weddings at the George in Rye often start with a service at Rye Town Hall.