Rye Hotels - Saltcote Place
Rye Hotels in Sussex with Parking If arriving by Car then you will need the parking at Saltcote Place, we are only 700 yards from Rye High St.
Rye Hotels in Sussex with Parking, Hotels in Rye with Parking,
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Rye Hotels

Rye Hotels




Rye Hotels in Sussex

Rye is a popular medieval Cinque Port town, with much to see and do, if you are brining a vehicle then give early consideration to parking as not all Rye Hotels have parking facilities onsite, this is especially true in the high street.

For a hassle free stay in a Rye Hotels we suggest you ask the venue about parking and the proximity of the car parks which in some cases could be many hundreds or yards away over cobbles.
Saltcote Place is around 700 yards from the high street and offer excellent accommodation for example the Royal Military suite which has both shower and bath and also offers secure parking. contact Saltcote Place at 01797 222220 we will be pleased to help with your travel arrangements and will also be happy to help organise airport shuttle service if needed. 

Noise, whenever we go away it’s important to be able to relax, having a wedding in full swing below your room is not going to be fun, some Rye Hotels major on large functions which is great if you are attending the function but not so great if you wanted a quiet stay. The smaller venues tend to be able to offer exclusive use which does mean your stay should be perfect.

Seagulls are a nuisance the world over but did you know they are also highly intelligent and because a visitor has fed them once from a guest bedroom they know which ones to tap on at 5am 😉 

For a hassle-free option, Saltcote Place is just minutes from the high street, we have been offering quiet serene stays since 2008. This adult-only environment ensures a peaceful experience and the seagulls don’t know we are here.

As a courtesy to other Rye Hotels in east Sussex, here are some recommendations:

  1. The Mermaid Inn Hotel, a blend of modern and historic, rebuilt in 1420, is one of Rye’s oldest buildings. Enjoy fine lodging and a potential Shakespearean haunt. Privately owned the Mermaid Inn Rye Hotel Offers great food and function space and has a small car park. For owners of EV’s you will be able to charge here by arrangement. This Rye hotel has onsite car parking.

  2. The Hope Anchor Rye Hotel stands at the end of Watchbell street, offering captivating views of Romney marsh, Winchelsea, and Camber Castle. A misnomer sometimes, it boasts a rich maritime history and has a small car park.

  3. The River Haven Motel, a 26-bedroom establishment, features a restaurant and ample parking. Its style resembles a budget-friendly lodge, providing a value for money experience.
  4. The Regent Motel, though not a typical Rye hotel offers a commendable product. With a bar in the reception area, it’s an affordable option for travellers they also have facilities for charging EV’s and have parking at the rear and in the large car park opposite.

  5. The George Inn Rye Hotel, located on the high street, boasts a vibrant bar and restaurant with weddings and other functions on most days. Note that on-site parking is unavailable, The market public car park is around 300 yards away down the hill although it is not available on Thursdays due to the market taking place.