Rye is officially Britain’s prettiest town - Saltcote Place
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Rye is officially Britain’s prettiest town

Britain’s prettiest towns Rye East Sussex

Rye is officially Britain’s prettiest town

Britain’s prettiest towns, ranked and rated

There are 1,250 towns in Great Britain – experts from the Daily Telegraph give their verdict on the prettiest, and least attractive, of them all.

Having lived in Rye for over 20 years we have to agree, from Saltcote Place (visible from Rye High Street) we overlook Rye and love it as indeed you will.

Here is the list according to the Telegraph


Here is the full list of the prettiest towns in the UK, according to the Telegraph. From London you can see Lewes and Rye over the course of a few days for almost pennies on the train or we prefer to drive as you can then visit the beaches and vineyards as well


  1. Lewes, East Sussex (under three hours from London)
  2. Queensferry, West Lothian
  3. St David’s, Pembrokeshire
  4. St Andrews, Fife
  5. Ilkley, West Yorkshire
  6. Chagford, Devon
  7. Ludlow, Shropshire
  8. Fowey, Cornwall
  9. Crickhowell, Brecknockshire
  10. Ripon, North Yorkshire
  11. Ledbury, Herefordshire
  12. Woodbridge, Suffolk
  13. Holt, Norfolk
  14. Rye, East Sussex (under two hours from London)

The train from Charing Cross to Rye is not that long

From Rye to Lewes is also not that far.


If you want to visit the prettiest medieval town in the South of England then give us a call, stay at Saltcote Place which is only around 700 yards from the high street and book yourself into a few of our wonderful restaurants.

Call us on 01797 222220