Short Break Winter Offers Rye – Saltcote Place
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Short Break Winter Offers Rye

Short Break Winter Offers Rye

Get away for a few days can make all the difference. Short break winter offers in Rye are especially welcome.

Adult time away from children at Saltcote Place is time well spent, a glass of wine on arrival, late champagne* breakfasts and your own entrance to come and go as you please. All this contributes to the overall feeling of a relaxed short break.

We have plenty of secure off road parking, we are a short walk from the high street and of course Taxi’s are available however this is not London so do not expect an Uber on every corner.

If you want to call us the use 01797 222220 or

You can also book directly with us here using the code “Direct” to remove 10% off the online rate – call us and we take off 15%

*Champagne or Cava, the only real difference is the country of origin, it’s the spirit that counts 😉