The Lookout in Rye - Saltcote Place
The lookout in Rye East Sussex is at Hilders cliff where you can see Saltcote Place at 700 yards away, very quiet BnB with free parking
The Lookout in Rye
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The Lookout in Rye

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The Lookout in Rye

The Lookout in Rye is always changing, on a daily basis.

Lookout over Romney Marshes from the quiet setting of our garden without the noise of seagulls and traffic.

Every window at Saltcote Place has an excellent lookout over Rye or lookout over our gardens or a lookout toward the high street which is only 700 yards away.

Lookout in Rye for parking spaces which are often at a premium although we enjoy lots of free parking here.

Lookout in Rye for the best places to eat, we will always be pleased to share the places to eat that we enjoy to ensure your visit to Rye is all that it can be.

We encourage everyone to book directly with us to avoid excessive fees and more importantly to ensure we can discuss what is important to you about your visit. Dietary requirements are far easier to get right and perhaps to discuss any special ideas you may have to make your stay in Rye all that it could be.

Call us on 01797 222220 or email paul at