Frequently asked questions about Saltcote Place - Saltcote Place
Frequently asked questions about Saltcote Place are answered here and by using our chat bot which has all of our website to read from.
Frequently asked questions about Saltcote Place
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Frequently asked questions about Saltcote Place

Frequently asked questions about Saltcote Place


Frequently asked questions about Saltcote Place
Our friendly AI Chatbot can also answer a great many questions

Questions about the Property and your stay

  • Can I bring my own drinks if I am staying with you
    • Absolutely, it would be rude not too, we can also supply drinks as we do have an alcohol license, we also supply super quiet fridges in all rooms.
  • Read about the nightcaps
    • We offer a nightcap with our compliments each evening, these are typically placed outside your suite when you go for your evening meal, these include Whiskey, brandy, baileys, Amaretto, Port or Sherry.
  • What is the breakfast menu
  • Are there fridges in the suites?
    • Yes all rooms have very quiet in fact almost silent fridges
  • How large are the beds
    • All beds are king-size although the Rye Suite is a super king which is 2m square
  • How large is the Royal Military suite
    • The main bedroom in the Royal Military suite is 17.9m excluding the bathroom and the bunk room
  • How large is the Rother Valley suite
    • The main bedroom in the Rother Valley is 16.7m excluding the bathroom and shower
  • Can we host private parties and functions here for family and friends?
    • Yes, in addition to the two Bed and Breakfast suites we also offer the facility of up to 12 adults staying in 6 double suites. These private functions can involve private catering if needed.
  • Do you serve evening meals or have a restaurant?
    • We offer a breakfast with bubbles that will see you through the day and we are a short walk to some great restaurants. We do not offer evening meals unless you have a private function with us.
  • Can we host an elopement here
    • Yes, we often have small intimate elopements here, you will need to arrange the service aspect with Hastings registration service yourselves. You may want to look at our weddings website
  • Can we bring pets
    • Sorry but as much as we love pets the same is not always true with other guests and allergies have to be considered. Because we only offer two suites we do not have the facilities.
  • How often are towels and bedding sheets changed
    • Towels are changed on the morning of the 4th day unless required more frequently. Most guests are very environmentally aware these days and simply use the heated towel rails.
    • Fresh sheets are offered for the 4th day inline with Visit England guidelines.
  • How Many suites do you usually have available
    • Usually we have only two suites available, The Rother Valley and The Royal Military unless our Guests are hosting an exclusive use family gathering in which case we can host 12 guests in 6 double suites. If you are attending one of these functions you will clearly know all of the guests.
  • Can you assist with electric vehicle charging
    • Yes there are a number of places locally with high power fast charging points.
  • Which suite is larger, The Rother Valley or The Royal Military?
    • The Royal Military is the larger of the two suites and also has an additional bedroom which is ideal for placing your luggage in or could also be hired for teenagers over the age of 16 or simply used as an additional bedroom for an adult at a small additional cost.
  • Late Checkout and early check-in
    • Normal check-in and departure times are 2pm arrival and 11am departure, it may be possible to extend this by agreement.
  • Do you have parking
    • Yes we have secure off road parking onsite at no additional cost
      Questions about Booking with us
  • If we book directly with you is it better or cheaper
    • It is always worth booking directly with us because you avoid paying commissions and we can chat about the things that are important to you such as places to eat and for things to see and do, please either call us on 01797 222220 or you can book directly with us here for the best rates.
  • Do you have better rates for stays over a week
    • Yes please call us as these rates are not available online
  • Can I pay with Amex
    • Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards and of course cash is also welcome.
  • Arrival time is from 2pm to 8pm, we are unable to accept guest arrival after 8pm


Questions about the area

  • How far is Camber Sands
    • Camber Sands is about 75 minutes comfortable walk for an able bodied person or a 15 minutes drive, you can see Camber Sands from the garden
  • How far are you from Rye
    • We are about 700 yards distance from Rye with a modest hill down to the town
  • What are the names of the local Gardens
    • Great Dixter and Pelsham are two of the finest gardens and both are a short drive from Saltcote Place
  • Are there Vineyards nearby
    • Local vineyards include Charles Palmer, Gusbourns, Chapel Down, Seddlescombe. We are happy to arrange vineyard tours for you.
  • Are there Taxis in Rye
    • Yes we have around 12 Taxi drivers, we supply their contact details at the time of booking on your confirmation email or ask the chatbot to “Show me all taxi numbers”
  • How far is Saltcote Place from the Rye Railway station
    • We are about 900yards as the crow flies but suggest you call us so that we can explain the best route. There are plenty of Rye Taxis outside the station and it takes around 5 minutes to get her using a taxi.
  • A few of the good places to eat in Rye
    • We are very fortunate to have so many excellent places eat in Rye, we have over 20 pubs close by and many excellent restaurants. When you make a reservation we include details for those who consistently rank well at the breakfast table the next day.
    • Fletchers Restaurant
    • Simply Italian
    • Marcos Mediterranean restaurant
    • Layla’s Turkish restaurant
    • The Globe In Marsh
    • Landgate Bistro
    • Kings Head pub at the end of our drive
  • What Events in the area change so please give us a call
    • Rye Bay Scallops Festival is usually in January 2024 from the 17th to the 25th
    • Rye Bay Jazz Festival is usually over the August Bank holiday
    • Rye Bonfire night is Saturday November 11th 2023
    • Rye Bay Christmas festival is Saturday the 18th of November 2023 and Saturday the 2nd of December 2023
  • Private Functions at Saltcote Place
    • Get Married at Saltcote Place see our weddings website
    • Wedding Anniversaries can be held at Saltcote Place with exclusive use call to discuss
    • Family Reunions and Family Celebrations are easily arranged here
    • We regularly host functions here for our guests, to give you an idea see